New Site/Progress Update

While some items are still be to transitioned, most of the work is done. A few weeks ago I got word that all the chat servers were down, well thanks once more to the folks at specifically a member over there called “namine207” we are not only back up and running but also have two chat servers functioning, with a likely third once Dreamcast-Talk gets their official server running once again. Without their help this wouldn’t be possible, to say they have been an amazing community is an understatement.

Regarding progress on the next patch a few items have been completed, with a way long way to go. This will in all likelihood be the final PC patch running the Metal Crush 4 engine, excluding possible minor updates/general maintenance.

Monster Truck Madness 2 Beta Patch 0.27

Looks like Fila over at has been hard at work patching Monster Truck Madness 2.

See this link for more information:

Changes include crash fixes, resolution and detail improvements. It’s some pretty fantastic work to the old girl overall, well work checking out!


Merry Christmas/Happy New Year!

Just wanted to take a moment to wish everyone a Merry Christmas, and a happy new year! Not much to report this month, mostly behind the scenes upgrades/fixed. 4×4 Evo is verified to indeed be working 100% on Windows 10, and Fengo is still hard at work on a new intro video. So far it’s shaping up to be pretty awesome, and will be included in the next patch when ready.

On the Monster Truck Madness side of things, some pretty awesome things seem to be in the works from the fine people over at With luck they may be doing some patches of a similar nature of their own soon.

Patch 012 Taken Down

Certain critical startup issues were identified, and while they have been resolved. New files will be uploaded within the next 24 hours. They resolve the following issues:

-FIX: Wrong render DLLs included originally, could cause startup crashes
-FIX: Full-screen re-enabled
-MTM: If no file extension is detected, it will be assumed that it’s an MTM .BIN model that was incorrectly put into the POD file.
-MTM: Added invalid model detection. More track compatibility until the issues is resolved

Patch 012 is live!

Newest patch is out, it fixes quite a few existing bugs. Get it now from the downloads section!

-FEATURE: Added nightfrog’s CPU ID code
-FIX: Loading screen in OpenGL now shows something besides black
-FIX: Joysticks should work, was broke in attempt to fix a memory leak.
-GAMESPY: Gamespy is working again!!! Thanks to the folks at for making this a reality.
-UI: Added “Other” controls binding menus
-UI: Fixed track name repeating bug in replay UI
-UI: Adjusted alignment of text items
-UI: Finally fixed the key binding issues
-UI: Moved large scroll bar to the left of the screen
-UI: Fixed camera menus
-VISUAL: Fixed issue where all parts were visually enabled, despite them not being installed
-VISUAL: Suspension now renders correctly, shock length is determined by suspension travel.
-OTHER: Nightfrog’s been busy on the Linux port, numerous behind the scenes changes most of this isn’t visible to the end user but it’s a lot of work and deserves some notice.