Torque table chart, new vehicle settings

Patch 011’s painfully slow progress continues. Added new feature during vehicle selection, which now shows a dyno chart so you can get a full idea of how a vehicle delivers it’s power and not just a single number. Added camber options to the vehicle settings page. And Nightfrog’s continued efforts to get Evo more Linux friendly have continued, this should be a good week for some more progress very soon. Also removed the option of Evo 2 & Evo R physics, as it’s been impairing the ability make the game better to an extent with the hopes of improved physics as time goes on.

With that sim speed will be 100%, gravity modifier while in the air was changed from 175% to 150%, and ground type friction will be 33% as powerful.

Search function returns, more chat servers, MP fixes

Nightfrog has been hard at work troubleshooting a rare situation where 2 players on the same network can’t play together online. Sponji has returned after a lengthy time away, and with that he came with a potential candidate for fixing track searches. He is now running one of the four chat servers now available, been pretty crazy but with some luck patch 011 will get back on track and out the door. No ETA, but it’s far from dead.

Camera & texture work

Mostly spent the entire week dead focused on Quadrotor camera view, this led to the creation of a new dash/HUD specifically for it. And new higher resolution digital dash textures to go along with it. NFSgeeek is hard at work with the new intro, and dare I say it’s looking splendid!

Still a lot of bugs to sort but slowly and surely it’s getting there.

Rear-steering bug fixed

Turned out the people have issues with rear-steering were using analog controllers, leaving it always stuck on regardless of vehicle parts/settings. One more bug down, so many more to go! NFSgeeek has been taking some time to attempt making a new intro cutscene, not certain if this will be ready once patch 011. Other than that, just making minor tweaks/fixes when I get time. Still looking for someone that can tackle UI texture work, would be a huge time savings.

Truck Editor

Initial work has been started on this, it seems like this is something that should have been in the game initially. It’s just taking the truck viewer, and making it useful for something besides viewing the truck. The hope is to make packaging custom trucks way easier, by automating the entire process for the initial version. Later patches will then be used to expand upon it. Some of the UI choices here will likely spill over to the track editor, as it was designed to be used in an era where 800×600 was normal. (Proof!)

Automated installer, the long overdue adventure!

Working on an automated installer for the next release of 4x4EvoR, this might take some time. But hopefully it will take some headaches out of getting this mod installed. Especially if you want to install it in the Program Files folders. If anyone would like to assist with this it would be GREATLY appreciated, just send me an e-mail or contact me on the Vales forums.