KC Vale and Vales.com

To those that don’t know whom KC Vale is, let’s just say he is important to the history of this game. If it wasn’t for his efforts it would be very likely for this game to have been forgotten to time many years ago. Instead, his site has and continues to play an amazing role in providing a central hub for all things related to 4×4 Evolution, and it’s predecessors Monster Truck Madness since the late 1990’s. His willingness, as well as those of countless others to put the time and effort to maintain a centralized hub for these games long after most sites have disappeared, is simply put incredible.

To this day it is the largest collection of cars, tracks, mod information, and the focal point for the community. However from the sounds of it, he has hit upon some very hard times. Below is a link with more information:

Our prayers are with you KC, and we’re wishing you the best!

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