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Development IRC Chat: EFNet Channel: #r00m

A list of currently active community pages:
Vales.com – The place to chat about MTM/4x4evo. Massive collection of trucks and tracks, as well as forums for discussion.
Vales.com 4x4Evo2 Forums - Direct link to the Vales forums, if you want to talk 4x4Evo this is the place.
MTM2.com - Repository for all things Monster Truck Madness related.
Sim Monsters - A group of MTM2 players, with a focus on Rigs of Rods.
SupermotoXL Designs - Excellent high quality modeling, 4x4Evo modeling info, created current site logo.
Dreamcast Talk - Provides current hosting for one of two chat servers.
4x4 Evolution Brasil Forums - A forum dedicated to 4x4 Evolution players in Brazil

Racing Team Websites
Clan EßP - Elite Brasileira de Pilotos
B4E Clan - BlazerForever
X3M Team - Xtreme Team
Team GoD - Team GoD
Team RCG - Racing Computer Gamers

Legacy Sites Pertaining to 4x4EvoR
4x4 Evolution Revival Project 2.0 - 4x4EvoR 2nd Website, has past news/updates/information.
4x4 Evolution Revival Project 1.0 - 4x4EvoR Original Website, has past news/updates/information.

Other Fantastic Multiplayer Offroad Games
SPINTIRES - Created by Oovee games. This is a fantastic, and likely most realistic simulation based off-road game out there.
Rigs of Rods - A sandbox soft-body physics game, it literally can simulate anything and everything. Has a lot of offroad content, if you can dream it this game can make it happen.