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2015/01/30 - x64 Build Success

Been doing more work behind the scenes, successfully tested an x64 build of EvoR. Hopefully it might help with some launch crashing, but I'm not certain. Other than that I have my doubts it will have any tangible benefits once released. Early attempt at an Android build failed to yield anything useful yet, then again near no time has been applied to it yet however releasing that shall prove... tricky.

2015/01/22 - Track Query Information Completed

All information pertaining to track queries has been posted up and added to the modding info section. While I'd love to code this myself, it's a non-option currently if someone has knowledge on CGI scripting and wants to take a crack at it then send an e-mail. Would love to get this feature back in the game fully.

2015/01/21 - Track Query Results De-Mystified

Spent a bit of time today understanding what is needed for query results to display in game, now that I have the result I was able to make a short list. Next is to understand how it sends it, but for now I'll post what's been found in the "Modding Info" section. With luck it seems like this feature can be brought back.

2015/01/20 - More GameCube treasures/Evo 1 Dreamcast Game Night!

Don't recall ever touching upon this, but it was discovered that they had roofracks available in the GC version. I'll need to find out if they had any function, but regardless, they will be added to the game. Could possibly be used for additional fuel later on should that get properly implemented.

Also the fine folks at Dreamcast Talk will be playing vanilla 4x4Evo1 on Wednesday @ 10PM EST. More info here, come join in! More info here ->

2015/01/11 - Delay Reason #1: Swords are silly.

Hyrule Preview001.jpg Hyrule Preview002.jpg

So NFSgeeek and I were talking, and it occurred to us there is really no reason to constrain ourselves to the bounds of reality. So I'm using this as both an excuse to both make a track, and work on some fixes to the editor. While making something a bit unusual, luckily enough the NES version of Zelda's overworld happens to be exactly 256 tiles wide.

2015/01/07 - Editor Tweaks

Did some more general work, including some editor updates. Been hard a work on a new track, to both resolve some editor issues and provide a slight change of pace. As a result some new features were added last night. The big one allowing anyone to disable ground splines for MTM style tracks.