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2015/04/22 - Search function returns, more chat servers, MP fixes

Nightfrog has bee hard at work troubleshooting a rare situation where 2 players on the same network can't play together online. Sponji has returned after a lengthy time away, and with that he came with a potential candidate for fixing track searches. He is now running one of the four chat servers now available, been pretty crazy but with some luck patch 011 will get back on track and out the door. No ETA, but it's far from dead.

2015/04/01 - MTM2 Track Fixes!

Excellent news today, fixed the final obstacles in MTM2 track support. Transparent textures have been fixed, turns out a bad model was causing a issue a workaround will need to be found. And proper groundbox texture support has been restored. All in all, not too bad.