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2015/05/28 - Blue skys, & weather tweaks

Made some interim tweaks to the sky, which now can accept .TIF files. Also made some tweaks that greatly improve the appearance of snow by adding correct fog. Slow and a bit too steady as usual. Massively increased BigVis distance from 80 to 160 units, wheel camber settings are now 99% implemented, just need to touch up some art and other minor touches on that front. And finish work on the new sky textures as well.

Hopefully someday we can skip the whole need for sky textures, but that is a topic for much further down the road. :)

NewSky Preview.jpg

2015/05/15 - Torque table chart, new vehicle settings

Patch 011's painfully slow progress continues. Added new feature during vehicle selection, which now shows a dyno chart so you can get a full idea of how a vehicle delivers it's power and not just a single number. Added camber options to the vehicle settings page. And Nightfrog's continued efforts to get Evo more Linux friendly have continued, this should be a good week for some more progress very soon. Also removed the option of Evo 2 & Evo R physics, as it's been impairing the ability make the game better to an extent with the hopes of improved physics as time goes on.

With that sim speed will be 100%, gravity modifier while in the air was changed from 175% to 150%, and ground type friction will be 33% as powerful.

2015/05/03 - Not too much to report.

Nightfrog's been working on attempting to get a native Linux version running, still a ways off there. Very minor behind the scenes work otherwise, been a slow two weeks for updates. Working on an update to how engine torque curves are managed, which has been coming along nicely and will greatly simplify the ease of truck editing.