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2015/06/25 - DAE Support, more behind the scenes work

Started work on adding support for Collada DAE files, what does this mean. The eventual phasing out of SMF files if successful, as only ZModeler 1 supports working with that format. Nightfrog has continued to plug away at cross-platform compatibility. Still a long road, but as always work continues.

2015/06/16 - More behind the scenes work

Reworking the method we use to update .TRK files to something much more user friendly. Will be implementing a lot of PontiacMan's work from last year (Sorry it took so long!) correcting errors in the .TRK files. Nightfrog has still been hard at work on general optimization, and diving head first into the dark rabbit hole of assembly. Also implementing Ford style twin-I beam suspension as well, should look pretty darn cool for those fans of prerunners.

2015/06/05 - Terminal Velocity iOS/Android Released!

While this has near nothing to do with 4x4 Evolution, besides the terrain engine. It would only be right to post about it given the support from TRI in allowing this project to be what it is, and hopefully can be. The game has been ported by it's original author it features widescreen art, touch controls, and improved render distances among other fixes. More information can be had here: