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4x4 EvoR Official IRC Channel

Want to chat about the game, hop on your favorite client. Connect to EFNet, and join us on channel #evor.
Be patient with any replies, we tend to be AFK a lot. :)

2016/05/08 - Website transition almost complete!

Not too much further off, just want to make sure all archived news items and information make the trip to the new site so we don't lose content.

2016/04/16 - New website, work in progress

Currently in the process of overhauling the website, plan is to hopefully have it ready to go in a few weeks. In conjunction, all the old sites will be taken down as well to avoid confusion once it is up and running. The longest part at the moment is just transferring all information from here to the new page. No downtime is expected to come of this, but good things are definitely coming and the hope is to have parts of it work with the game.

2016/04/11 - All quiet on the front

Not much to report, everyone has been quite busy resulting in nothing to report. Just updating for the sake of updating.

2016/01/20 - More growing pains

As always is the cost of moving forward, it looks like our behind the scenes migration to Visual Studio 2015 broke compatibility with older versions of Windows (XP). We will do what we can to resolve this issue, however some time will be needed to research into this. On the plus side, I can indeed verify the game is running on Windows 10 with no issues. So it's not all doom and gloom, until next time!

2016/01/09 - Happy New Year, happy new patch! Patch 013 is live!

Happy belated new year everyone, and to celebrate here is a new patch. Hard to believe it has been nearly two full years now, hopefully 2016 proves to be exciting to everyone! And once again thank you to everyone and anyone that has had a hand in this project

-CRITICAL MISC: Removed dependancy of MSVCR110D.DLL
-CRITICAL UI: Series/Missions work once more (Sorry!)
-CRITICAL VISUAL: Snow accumulation on textures no longer crashes when it hits an invalid texture index.
-AI: AI trucks will not use camber adjustments on independent suspension.
-CONTENT: Cars included from the Rally Evo mod.
-MISC: Better error message on SimList overflow
-MISC: Old "new" suspension models are no longer loaded (They were never used)
-MISC: Pod.ini is now used for mods only
-MISC: Revopod.ini no longer uses a number index
-MISC: Podded tracks in tracks directory are loaded like a normal pod file
-MISC: MMX Detection fixed by NightFrog
-MISC: CPUID Detection fixed by NightFrog
-MISC: Better error reporting for missing series.pod
-MTM: Authors of some custom MTM2 tracks did not include file extensions. Now assuming all files like this are .BIN, and not SMF
-VISUAL: Trains no longer follow terrain in MTM1/2 tracks.
-VISUAL: When you are spinning tires in reverse, they now spin in reverse.
-VISUAL: 1600x1200 resolution should now be 1600x1200

2015/12/27 - Merry Christmas/Happy New Year!

Just wanted to take a moment to wish everyone a Merry Christmas, and a happy new year! Not much to report this month, mostly behind the scenes upgrades/fixed. 4x4 Evo is verified to indeed be working 100% on Windows 10, and Fengo is still hard at work on a new intro video. So far it's shaping up to be pretty awesome, and will be included in the next patch when ready.

On the Monster Truck Madness side of things, some pretty awesome things seem to be in the works from the fine people over at MTM2.com. With luck they may be doing some patches of a similar nature of their own soon.

2015/12/2 - Happy december!

Hopefully those of us stateside have recovered from a turkey coma and shopping fever from the darkest of Fridays at this point. Not much news to report, minor tweaks/fixes here an there and attempting to ramp up for a patch release this month hopefully. Should have some more information up soon!

2015/11/1 - Jeep Trail of Life Demo Found!

Thanks to Fengo over at Vales, he managed to recover a copy of what was thought to be a long lost demo. Originally a 2003 promotional demo of 4x4 Evo 2 for both the Tomb Raider movie, and the Jeep Wrangler. It provides a unique one off mission and is likely the last version of the game released. Get it now from the downloads section!

2015/10/29 - Patch 011/012 "Invalid Track!" series workaround

A bug was identified a few days ago where all series tracks are being listed as invalid. The fix for this is being researched right now, we should have an update available in a few days fixing this critical issue.

2015/10/26 - Patch 012 Release 2 Live!

Took longer than expected to attain access to a connection capable of uploading the corrected files. Changelog is the same as the prior release, and offers massive improvements in MTM track compatibility!

2015/10/23 - Patch 012 Taken Down

Certain critical startup issues were identified, and while they have been resolved. New files will be uploaded within the next 24 hours. They resolve the following issues:

-FIX: Wrong render DLLs included originally, could cause startup crashes
-FIX: Full-screen re-enabled
-MTM: If no file extension is detected, it will be assumed that it's an MTM .BIN model that was incorrectly put into the POD file.
-MTM: Added invalid model detection. More track compatibility until the issues is resolved

2015/10/19 - Patch 012 is live!

Newest patch is out, it fixes quite a few existing bugs. Get it now from the downloads section!

-FEATURE: Added nightfrog's CPU ID code
-FIX: Loading screen in OpenGL now shows something besides black
-FIX: Joysticks should work, was broke in attempt to fix a memory leak.
-GAMESPY: Gamespy is working again!!! Thanks to the folks at openspy.net for making this a reality.
-UI: Added "Other" controls binding menus
-UI: Fixed track name repeating bug in replay UI
-UI: Adjusted alignment of text items
-UI: Finally fixed the key binding issues
-UI: Moved large scroll bar to the left of the screen
-UI: Fixed camera menus
-VISUAL: Fixed issue where all parts were visually enabled, despite them not being installed
-VISUAL: Suspension now renders correctly, shock length is determined by suspension travel.
-OTHER: Nightfrog's been busy on the Linux port, numerous behind the scenes changes most of this isn't visible to the end user but it's a lot of work and deserves some notice.

2015/10/18 - Progress!

Make a large amount of progress this week, most of the UI and control issues have been resolved as has the new suspension model. Just attempting to knock out some more testing before release an we should be good to go.

2015/10/04 - Patch 012 on the way

Working on getting another patch out within the next day or so. This should restore the now once more working GameSpy support through the use of OpenSpy, fix joystick support, and other minor tweaks. The Dreamcast version of 4x4Evo 2 is still moving along slowly, mostly just memory optimization to free up texture memory so we can have the on-screen map.

2015/09/19 - Gamespy support is back!

Thanks to some work by Sponji he discovered that there is an open-source implementation of GameSpy available called OpenSpy. This will be implemented in the next patch, however if you want to use it in 4x4Evo it can be added via hex-editor. Instructions will be added later.

2015/09/03 - 4x4 Evolution 2: Dreamcast Edition Development

Going to put some effort into getting Evo 2, or at least a portion of it ported to DC. This should be interesting.

2015/08/29 - 4x4 Evolution Dreamcast Update Available (Again!)

Thanks to Impulse at Dreamcast-talk.com for saving the original download awhile back, I had since lost it. Thanks to both him, and some recent interest at Assemblergames.com it is once again in the download section.

2015/08/26 - Patch 011 Beta 6 Released!

Been sitting on this for way too long, it's nowhere near done but here it is. From here on hopefully we'll return to making small monthly patches. Despite some bugs however, this is still a massive update. Check out the changes below:

-CAMERA: Move quadrotor cam to 250 units distance
-CAMERA: Set near clipping plane on quadrotor to 0.5, and blimp to 128
-CAMERA: Front and rear suspension camera P/Y/R is no longer reversed
-EDITOR: Version 8 SIT files, track splines optional in game on non-MTM tracks
-FIX: Memory leak fixed (Courtesy of Nightfrog)
-FIX: Found instance where a non-standard .BIN model was causing transparency crash in Zoon Moon
-FIX: Rear-steering was always on with analog control
-FIX: Random menus freeze resolved (Unknown if new issues will arise)
-FIX: Startup crash isolated, no proper fix yet. Run 4x4Revo_NoJoy if you have this issue.
-PHYSICS: Automatic torque table generation for Version 10+ trucks
-PHYSICS: Corrected issue where setting a truck to full oversteer provided traction advantage
-PHYSICS: Added truck camber settings.
-TEST: Truck Editor UI implemented, like goggles it does nothing.
-VISUAL: MTM1/2 ground boxes show all 6 correct textures now
-VISUAL: Maximum BigVis render distance changed from 80 to 160
-VISUAL: Tweaks to snow to improve appearance
-VISUAL: More suspension model work
-VISUAL: Model scaling bug fixed, no more pancakes
-VISUAL: MTM1/2 ground boxes show all 6 correct textures now
-VISUAL: Fixed veggie rendering
-PHYSICS/OTHER: Implemented Pontiacman's (Sorry it took so long!), Dreamcast Patch 002, and many other tweaks
-UI/PHYSICS: Removed option for New/Old physics, too hard to maintain seperation. (Speed 125%, ground friction %15 strength)
-UI: Automatic transmission has it's own indication now
-UI: Dyno chart fixes
-UI: Integrated author info, author description, and truck description to vehicle display screens
-UI: Added dyno graph on single player truck selection screen
-UI: Removed GameSpy, it's likely dead forever.
-UI: Removed mission tracks from MP list
-UI: Quadrotor HUD work
-UI: Showroom has all text re-enabled
-UI: Options to change MP UI colors. (Courtesy of Nightfrog)
-UI: Reverted to original intro until it can be resized to 640x480
-UI: Replay was repeating track name FOREVER until it crashed of course not too long after.
-UI: Issue with background being offset
-UNTESTED: Version 1 SMB support enabled
-OTHER: Better misc error messages
-OTHER: Version 10 TRK files implemented
-OTHER: Removed tunngle support
-OTHER: Conversion of x86 assembly to C/C++ for future porting (Courtesy of Nightfrog)
-OTHER: XML test support added, for future additions
-OTHER: Removed Steam test files, will not be added.
-OTHER: Removed multiplayer menus music, this never existed but it would always try to find it.
-OTHER: More specific error reporting for corrupt models issues
-OTHER: All tracks now go in the tracks folder


2015/08/25 - Beta Release Progress

Currently in the process of applying some changes that were done long ago, and implementing the new torque curve system. There are a lot of trucks to update, so of course this will take some time as well as implementing a lot of corrections that were in the Dreamcast patch, and changes Pontiacman performed awhile back.

2015/08/23 - Patch 011 Beta Release On the Way

After some light discussion, it's been decided to release patch 011 as is. At which point hopefully we can resume the small minor patches that were happening prior to this. It will likely be a bit painful, but hey it's coming finally!

2015/08/19 - Party like it's 2001!

Found the GameCube version of Evo 2 at a local game store, so in honor of such I set it up in an era correct manner in hopes to play though it some to find any other differences that might have been missed. For those not in the know, this was the final retail build of Evo 2. It also has the manual in it still, hopefully should get some scans of it up soon.


2015/07/19 - Windows 8.1 Tablet Testing

Just got hold of a bottom of the line Windows 8.1 powered tablet for testing. And I'm happy to report the game does indeed run on it, no finagling needed. However there is near no way to interface with the game short of an external keyboard at the moment. It's likely it will remain this way for awhile, but still it's pretty awesome to see.

2015/07/15 - What a month!

Vales.com is having some issues at the moment, hopefully this will be resolved soon. 4x4 Evolution Brasil was also having issues with their forums as well. Not much in the way of time for updates so far this month, hopefully can finish out DAE support while some issues with UV mapping get sorted.

On a sad note, Satoru Iwata of Nintendo passed away on 11 July, 2015 may he rest in peace. Few people had as much impact on the world of gaming as he did.

2015/07/03 - DAE Support, continued!


COLLADA DAE support is partially implemented! While this is likely the least impressive screenshot ever, this is quite a big deal and allows us the break free from from using ZModeler 1 to export SMF files. Suffice it to say this is not even remotely backwards compatible with Vanilla Evo or MTM. UV mapping should be sorted quite soon, and hopefully a public beta of patch 011 will follow soon so everyone can try and break it.

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