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This track is boggin in Autumn. This track has mud up to 5 inch deep, water around 1 - 20 feet deep, grass up to 24 inch deep, the track takes about 7 - 10 minutes per lap to complete depending on your vehicle. I setup collision boxes around the track so people can`t take their own shortcut through the woods... but I did take some out around the track if you want to freeroam in the woods you can. But freeroaming in the woods may require for you to have a high end PC because it was a little laggy for me when I drove through it... but it doesn`t lag when you do the track though I tested that for myself. Please read the readme for more info inside the .zip archive. I also included textures from Dosch I converted them into .tif and re sized to 64x64. Only credit me on conversion and re sizing for you guys.. the rest of the credit goes to dosch for the amazing textures.. The textures are floorwood textures, Stone and Concrete textures.

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