4x4 Evo

Why are these torrents? Because we currently do not have a hosting solution to provide direct downloads, you will need a Bit Torrent client to download these files.

4x4 Evolution (PC) - Patch 3

First new build in years! Loses force feedback, but fixes:

  • AWD vehicles can no longer shift into 4x4 High

  • Vehicles with no low-range, can no longer shift into 4x4 Low (Rav4, 2WD conversions, race trucks)

  • Transmissions now have 14 forward gear limit

  • Vehicles with no low-range will get 2.72 ratio when purchasing race transfer case

  • Added parts for drop kits, and differential spools

  • Setting truck to full understeer no longer incurs a total traction penality

  • Wheel spin rendering should also be applied correctly for locked diff type (untested)

  • Traction control might function (untested part might cause crash if added)

  • is dead

  • Added maximum setting to scenery complexity. This enables the SCRUB cheat, and renders terrain with higher detail

  • Removed Direct3D memory checks, new hardware would force high-resolution textures off

  • High detail truck mode now works with more than 2 cars present

  • Reverse wheelspin fix applied

  • Truck detail now has new option for high detail. (Render all trucks/tires at full detail period)

  • Corrected issue where single player UI only scaled if you changed aspect ratio

  • Widescreen resolutions

  • PS2 trucks included

  • Updated build based on build 44, to match build 56 (Use patch 2 if you need force feedback)

  • Updated in legal agreement to indicate this patch is not to be distributed with a paid version of this game.

  • Updated website name

  • Setup menus has build number

  • Master server bypass in metal.ini

  • One exe for both Win9x/Beyond forces use of win 3.1 timer (Ironic the new one depreciated first)

Download - Full Install (Pending upload)

Download - Patch only

4x4 Evolution (PC) - Patch 2

This is the one you want to original experience this the version you want, it includes the following fixes:

  • Build 57 patch

  • Menus freezing fix

  • Multiplayer connection fix

  • All tools needed to modify the game


Retail Release

Obsolete Versions:
The original unmodified retail release of the game, includes no patches results may vary on modern PCs.


Modification Tools

Modification Tools:
Includes all primary tools that would be utilized to modify 4x4 Evolution. Including ZModeling 1.07b, PODtool, PODview, and FlyRawGUI.

These are only maintained for historical purposes, and are not needed unless you installed the original retail version!



Updates for this game.

These are only maintained for historical purposes, and are not needed unless you installed the original retail version! No support is provided.

Build 56 Patch - Download / Torrent

Build 57 Patch - Download / Torrent

Build 61 Patch (GeForce 3) - Download / Torrent