4x4 Evo 2

Why are these torrents/mega links? Because we currently do not have a hosting solution to provide direct downloads.

4x4 Evolution 2 (PC)

Original unmodified release of 4x4 Evolution 2. This sequel featured a number of improvements over the original game,


4x4 Evolution 2 (GameCube)

The final build of this game included exclusive cars, altered career progression, and extra tracks. Unfortunately, at this time we can not offer this as a download as it was published by Universal Games.

Changes Include:

  • SMB Model Format (Faster loading)

  • $100k starting cash

  • New Trucks

    • Stillen Silverado Monster Truck

    • Fronter Race Truck

    • Warn Dodge Dakota

  • New Tracks

    • Just Race

    • Rib Hill Race

    • Road Racing

    • Roof top racing

    • Soda Racing

  • Items locked until you unlock them

  • Model/Texture for mud tires