2013 - 4x4 Evolution Revival Project

This site right here, was a project aimed at initially restoring online play for this game. Over time thanks to a number of people it has become much more than that, and currently maintains this game.

Originally it was planned to keep expanding the game (4x4 Evolution: Revival), however that project is now on hold indefinitely in the interest of maintaining the community.

2001 - 4x4 Evolution 2

"Metal Crush 4" A sequel with a checkered history: Gone is the license for Ford, but with it came Jeep instead. Physics were overhauled, a real working winch, per polygon collisions, and adventure modes were added. Several versions came out with different levels of updates.

It also spawned a number of standalone promotional demos for Jeep, with further physics enhancements that didn't quite make the final cut.

1999 - 4x4 Evolution 1

"Metal Crush 3" The original "Gran Turismo" of offroad racing. Included an unprecedented amount of licensed trucks. Included further refined graphics, physics, console ports, and had fully integrated multiplayer services.

Notable Milestones:
-Cross platform play (Dreamcast/PC)
-Probably the first game to support console downloadable content allowing for custom tracks to be downloaded
-Racing game with native support for modifications

1998 - Monster Truck Madness 2

Code named "Metal Crush 2", the sequel to MTM added 3-D acceleration, and improved quality all around.

1996 - Monster Truck Madness

Originally code named "Metal Crush", this game provides the origins for 4x4 Evo's gameplay/physics/file formats/layout

More information on earliest versions can be found here:http://mtm2.com/kmaster/metalcrush.htm

1995 - Terminal Velocity

While this game is a space shooter. The earliest origins of 4x4 Evolution's terrain engine can be seen here the same looping 256 x 256 heightmap, with many similar file formats provide the framework for this series.