News Archive - 2016

Nov 23 - Patch 014: Nearing Completion (Maybe not)

Though this year has been a slow one, we have been in fact moving forward. Patch 014 is in final testing now, and with luck we should have a release up quite soon!

Nov 12 - KC Vale and

To those that don’t know whom KC Vale is, let’s just say he is important to the history of this game. If it wasn’t for his efforts it would be very likely for this game to have been forgotten to time many years ago. Instead, his site has and continues to play an amazing role in providing a central hub for all things related to 4×4 Evolution, and it’s predecessors Monster Truck Madness since the late 1990’s. His willingness, as well as those of countless others to put the time and effort to maintain a centralized hub for these games long after most sites have disappeared, is simply put incredible.

To this day it is the largest collection of cars, tracks, mod information, and the focal point for the community. However from the sounds of it, he has hit upon some very hard times. Below is a link with more information:

Our prayers are with you KC, and we’re wishing you the best!

Jun 21 - Multiplayer Chat Servers Down

Looks like the servers are down again, and dreamcast-talk is having some issues as well. Hopefully we can get this all sorted out by the end of the week, and everything back to 100%.

May 28 - Automatic Tire Model Generation

While some odds and ends are being finalized. Current progress this past week has been dedicated to this feature. This will allow someone to specify a tire and wheel size and generate it automatically. While this feature won’t be of much use to custom truck makers, it serves to add an additional element to stock truck customization, supports multiple textures for greater detail, and will reduce game the game download size as I will no longer need to include every single tire model.

With luck this should also help reduce texture memory usage, specifically for the Dreamcast version of the game. Once UV mapping is sorted I’ll upload some pics of this system in action.

May 19 - New Site/Progress Update

While some items are still be to transitioned, most of the work is done. A few weeks ago I got word that all the chat servers were down, well thanks once more to the folks at specifically a member over there called “namine207” we are not only back up and running but also have two chat servers functioning, with a likely third once Dreamcast-Talk gets their official server running once again. Without their help this wouldn’t be possible, to say they have been an amazing community is an understatement.

Regarding progress on the next patch a few items have been completed, with a way long way to go. This will in all likelihood be the final PC patch running the Metal Crush 4 engine, excluding possible minor updates/general maintenance.

Apr 13 - 4x4 Evolution Revival Website Update

Another year, and it’s time to add some new features! With that we’re revamping the website adding some forums, and other features to make discussion easier. Most importantly we hope to add more content to the game itself.

If you are seeing this before the page actually launches then you are early, good job. ;)

Jan 20 - More Growing Pains

As always is the cost of moving forward, it looks like our behind the scenes migration to Visual Studio 2015 broke compatibility with older versions of Windows (XP). We will do what we can to resolve this issue, however some time will be needed to research into this. On the plus side, I can indeed verify the game is running on Windows 10 with no issues. So it’s not all doom and gloom, until next time!

Jan 9 - Happy New Year, happy new patch! Patch 13 is live!

Happy belated new year everyone, and to celebrate here is a new patch. Hard to believe it has been nearly two full years now, hopefully 2016 proves to be exciting to everyone! And once again thank you to everyone and anyone that has had a hand in this project

-CRITICAL MISC: Removed dependancy of MSVCR110D.DLL
-CRITICAL UI: Series/Missions work once more (Sorry!)
-CRITICAL VISUAL: Snow accumulation on textures no longer crashes when it hits an invalid texture index.
-AI: AI trucks will not use camber adjustments on independent suspension.
-CONTENT: Cars included from the Rally Evo mod.
-MISC: Better error message on SimList overflow
-MISC: Old “new” suspension models are no longer loaded (They were never used)
-MISC: Pod.ini is now used for mods only
-MISC: Revopod.ini no longer uses a number index
-MISC: Podded tracks in tracks directory are loaded like a normal pod file
-MISC: MMX Detection fixed by NightFrog
-MISC: CPUID Detection fixed by NightFrog
-MISC: Better error reporting for missing series.pod
-MTM: Authors of some custom MTM2 tracks did not include file extensions. Now assuming all files like this are .BIN, and not SMF
-VISUAL: Trains no longer follow terrain in MTM1/2 tracks.
-VISUAL: When you are spinning tires in reverse, they now spin in reverse.
-VISUAL: 1600×1200 resolution should now be 1600×1200