News Archive - 2017

Jun 22 - Official 4x4 EvoR Discord Chat

Some changes to the project will be coming soon, in the mean time join us online via Discord.


Jun 15 - 4x4 Evo 1 Debug UI Screenshots

Next week should finally afford some time to work on this once more. Until then if you happen to be curious what the debug UI to 4×4 Evo 1 looks like, I put up a bunch of screenshots comparing it to the retail release at the following websites:×4-evolution-test-debug-mode.22047/#post-174366

Mar 31 - Some snags, but back in action

Had to deal with some personal issues, but we’re back in action for now. Hopefully some updates to come soon, once everything is back to 100% working order.

Jan 1 - Merry Xmas and a Happy New Year!

It’s time to ring in 2017 with arms wide open, hopefully everyone has had a fantastic holiday!

That said, some critical bugs that came to in patch 012 still need to be ironed out. Nightfrog has made some excellent progress towards realizing a working Linux port of Evo, and not much else to report currently until we get these bugs ironed out. However with any luck 2017 should bring more updates, bring on the new year!