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4x4 Evolution Demo - Beta Build 5

This appears to be a public beta of the game released on September 1, 2000.

This version includes a lightly updated version of the 4×4 Evolution beta versions to fix some critical issues on November 12, 2023. If you are experiencing slow menus speed, then please use the timing fix version included. This version looks to have been uploaded by YouTuber CEO100able at the video linked here:

They documented the following changes:

  • The load screens are completely different.
  • The music track of the main menu is completely different. It can still be found in the final release's SOUND.POD file.
  • On the title screen, we see text saying “Beta 3, Global Build 5. Work in progress.”
  • There are no copyright dates on the main menu screen. The only text to see on it says “Developed by Terminal Reality.”
  • Career is not playable. Not sure about multiplayer.
  • There is no gameplay music.
  • The finder is a bit larger.
  • Only one vehicle is included: the Nissan Xtrerra XE. There are four separate color versions of the game instead of having all the colors combined into one selection session for each vehicle.
  • Only one track is included: Arizona. You can install Salvage Wastleand as it is compatible with this beta (while the other tracks in the final release are not), but the AI won't work there.
  • The checkpoint details appear every time you drive through a checkpoint.


Download - (Game w/Timing Fix, Recommended)


Download - (Installer, WILL NOT RUN x64 MACHINES!)

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